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Against All Odds

Proxima Analytics is an open-source, simple, fast Google Analytics alternative that puts your privacy first. Period.

A simple catchphrase, we know, but when you zoom away and look at the bigger picture you will find that what we are offering is far more integral than that. While we could find a thousand words to describe how we can eliminate the ugly cookie banners or how Google Analytics is unethical and using it could even be illegal, we instead choose to avoid all the technicalities and the software jargon and instead point out the elephant in the room.

We don't want to force you to use just another tracking tool; we want to challenge how we build stuff on the web.

A Bit of History.

Bold statements require a solid explanation, so let us provide a brief history of who we are before going deeper. We are a team of individuals from Greece, who have been working in the web and tech industry for quite some time. Enough time in fact that we have come to see how big corporations run into circles.

For the past two decades we have been conditioned to believe that success is followed by enormous piles of money, huge numbers, and fancy charts, and to be successful we need to better understand the user and create solutions and software for them. We should simply spy on people and think that it is okay.

Every tech behemoth is building its analytics software, and every company uses the vast amount of data collected from the web to increase its profit. From Google Analytics and Twitter's traffic to Facebook tracking pixels and Amazon's QuickSight, scrolling the web is a task of avoiding cookie banners and accepting endless terms-of-use pages full of legal mumbo jumbo. At this point, who can even understand what's going on?

At the same time, while users are unaware more and more companies are creating ultra-complicated software, tracking every user's click and interaction, and creating new shiny terms like User Journeys and Behavioral Targeting (sic). The marketing industry growing and evolving with every piece of user data that they are collecting from us for free.

If you ask us, or pretty much anyone else using the internet, Big Tech's main problem is working under a business model that generates growth and revenue at the expense of user privacy.

And we think enough is enough.

Against Some Odds.

Challenging Google is impossible, and even trying to replace Google Analytics on every single web page is improbable. While building an open-source, privacy-friendly analytics tool is not as innovative as one would think, especially considering the array of available tools and services, Proxima is not another fancy web analytics platform.

Three years ago, as the idea of Proxima was beginning to form, we discovered that an analytics tool is only one part of the equation. Our goal is to create a "mindset shift" and teach people how to run a business or an online presence without compromising privacy.

We plan to release a new set of tools, guides, and courses that can help you create your journey and promote your services and products more ethically and in a far more privacy-friendly way. Proxima is only the basis of the project with all the other documentation, the internal tools, tailor-made guides, and all the supporting material being the cherry on top of what we believe to be an excellent tool for creators, makers, and companies. And while the work might get rough at times, we have a plan!

Going Full-On Proxima.

Leaving well-paid jobs and investing our entire forces in the Proxima project was a straightforward choice. That decision might sound delusional or even naive, but working full-time on maintaining and developing Proxima was a massive step for us.

We've worked hard to design a product we love using and feel comfortable giving to other people. Against all odds, we believe it was the right choice. We are committed to the cause of taking our internet freedom back without compromises, small letters, or hidden messages. It's a dream come true for us, a handful of people from Greece, to be working on an ethical project without any funding raised by those who trust us.

You Solely Fund Us.

If Proxima analytics is a good fit for your business or your online presence and you believe our cause, give us a try. We offer a generous trial plan.

You can also support us by spreading the word to your friends, family, or coworkers. While we do not currently accept donations, we encourage you if you feel like donating to give your support to one of the organisations on our list. Their work is work we support and endorse.

Thanks for giving Proxima Analytics a chance.